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    Tableware disinfection method
    Release Time:2017-4-6 10:42:49

    One), boiled disinfection: the washing of clean dishes into the boiling water disinfection 2-5 minutes;

    Two), steam disinfection: the washing of clean dishes into the steam cabinet or box, so that the temperature rose to 100 ℃, the disinfection of 5-10 minutes;

    Three), oven disinfection: such as infrared disinfection cabinet, the temperature is generally about 120 ℃, disinfection 15-20 minutes;

    Four), chemical disinfection: the use of tableware disinfectant tableware disinfection.

    Chemical disinfection requirements:

    1, the choice of disinfectant must be approved by the health administrative department of tableware disinfectant, can not use non-tableware disinfectant tableware disinfection;

    2, the use of tableware disinfectant disinfection concentration, must meet the product specification of the concentration;

    3, the tableware into the disinfectant soak 10-15 minutes, tableware can not reveal the liquid level of disinfectant;

    4, tableware disinfection should be used after the flow of water to remove the surface of the tableware disinfectant, remove the smell. When using chemical disinfection, should be updated at any time disinfectant, can not be used for a long time.

    Five), dishwasher

    The use of tableware washing disinfection machine for dish washing disinfection, should pay attention to the following questions:

    1. Tableware placed in the washing machine should meet the set requirements, not chaos mess, so as not to affect the effect of washing and disinfection;

    2. Washing machine working temperature control at about 80 ℃;

    3. Washing, disinfectant should be temporary preparation, at any time replacement;

    4. After washing, should check the tableware washing, disinfection effect, fail to meet the health requirements, should be re-washing, disinfection;

    5. Dishwashers should always be overhauled to maintain their normal working condition.

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